We Act Responsibly

We are committed to responsible business activity and sustainable development that combines economic success with responsibility for society and the environment.

Protection of the environment and careful use of natural resources are therefore corporate objectives of the highest priority for us.

Environmental Protection Is Important to Us.

Safety and protection of health and the environment are among the primary objectives of our corporate policy:

We Are Actively Involved.

Westlake Vinnolit is a member and supporter of:

VinylPlus is a voluntary undertaking
of the European PVC industry to pursue sustainable development.

The association is committed to responsible action and to partnerships and innovation in the German and European plastics industry.

The voluntary initiative of the chemical

industry is supported by chemical companies and associations from over 50 countries throughout the world. Its aim is continuous improvements in the areas of environmental protection, health and safety. 

The European Council of Vinyl
Manufacturers (ECVM) is an association of the seven leading European PVC manufacturers and is a founding member of VinylPlus. It is committed to sustainable development in the PVC industry.

EuroChlor represents the interests of the
chlor-alkali producers in Europe and has a sustainability program to promote established procedures in the areas of safety, health and environmental protection.

EuropeanCouncilOfVinyl – 1@2x

Westlake Vinnolit is a founding member
of the Bavarian Environment Pact for continuous improvement of industrial environmental protection in the Free State of Bavaria.

AEPW focuses on enhancing waste management capacity and capability by improving collection, sorting, processing, and recycling systems, especially in underserved regions.

The VCI represents the interests of around 1,900 chemical companies in Germany vis-à-vis politicians, authorities, other sectors of the economy and the media.

Cefic, the European Chemical Industry Council, represents chemical companies throughout Europe with 1.2 million employees and around 14% of global chemical sales.

Sustainability Rating

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is increasingly a requirement in the worldwide supply chain. Since 2014, we have undergone a regular assessment of our corporate social responsibility and sustainability efforts by the EcoVadis platform – with very good results once again in 2024.

News About Sustainability

Partnering with customers to provide flooring made with lower-carbon Vinnolit GreenVin® PVC

UK flooring manufacturer Altro uses Vinnolit GreenVin® PVC for the production of floor and wall systems designed for commercial and domestic spaces.

Environmental report 2021

We regularly publish our environmental targets and achievements in the Environmental Report. Here you will find the report for the 2021 reporting period.

Arlon Graphics relies on lower-carbon Vinnolit GreenVin PVC for film production

Arlon Graphics, ein weltweit führender Hersteller von technischen Folien, wird in Zukunft Vinnolit GreenVin® PVC mit einem geringeren CO2-Fußabdruck verwenden. Das mit erneuerbarem Strom hergestellte GreenVin® PVC spart im Vergleich


Declaration on Conflict Materials
Due-Dilligence Report (according to EU Conflict Materials Regulation)
Sustainable Procurement Policy