Vinnolit GreenVin® PVC

For the production of our GreenVin® PVC, we use  Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (GOs/HKNs). This reduces the carbon footprint of Vinnolit GreenVin® PVC by about a quarter compared to our conventional PVC products. All PVC grades are also available as GreenVin® products.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

About 25% CO2


Power from 100% renewable sources

TÜV certified

Reduce the carbon footprint of your products

The Vinnolit GreenVin® brand is based on high-quality renewable energy certificates (Guarantees of Origin / GOs) associated with the production of the lower-carbon PVC and caustic soda. Depending on the PVC type, the carbon-dioxide savings with GreenVin® PVC are about 25% compared to conventionally produced Vinnolit PVC. The respective carbon footprint for the entire product portfolio was calculated by Sustainable AG in accordance with the ISO 14067 standard. Review and certification are carried out by TÜV Rheinland.

GreenVin® PVC performs just as well as traditional PVC and is also a more climate-friendly product that our customers can feel good about using. The technical specifications are identical.

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All our PVC grades are also available as GreenVin® products with reduced carbon footprint. The technical specifications are identical.

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