VinylPlus 2030 is the next 10-year Commitment of the European PVC industry to Sustainable Development. With its renewed Commitment, VinylPlus aims to contribute proactively to addressing the global sustainability challenges and priorities. VinylPlus 2030 covers the EU-27 plus Norway, Switzerland and the UK.
Building upon a track record of 20+ years of progress and achievements, through VinylPlus 2030, the European PVC value chain is setting a new series of commitments.

As an official partner of VinylPlus, we are committed to the following five sustainability objectives:

  1. We work actively for a more efficient use and control of PVC over its entire life cycle.
  2. We contribute to reducing emissions further and to preventing any pollutants that are not easily biodegradable from escaping into the environment.
  3. We are independent drivers of more sustainable use of PVC additives.
  4. We help to protect the climate with energy efficiency and responsible use of resources and raw materials.
  5. We actively promote integration and sensitization of the entire PVC value creation chain.


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