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Every day, we look beyond our own horizon into the future: as a company, we invest millions in research and development annualy to develop products for tomorrow’s markets and requirements. As an employer, we encourage our employees to look not only straight ahead, but also to the left and right. At Westlake Vinnolit, we want you to be able to realize demanding projects, take on new challenges and shape your own individual career path. We are committed to this. Today as well as tomorrow.

What we offer you

A competitive compensation package as a reliable basis offers our employees security for their standard of living. For employees covered by collective bargaining agreements, the current collectively agreed wages apply, and for trainees, the training allowance. This may vary from state to state. We have also developed standards for our non-tariff employees that continuously take into account labor market developments.

Good work should also be rewarded. Here, too, we have developed structured standards that enable our employees to participate tangibly in the company’s success. We want to reward the performance of our employees and further motivate them to think ahead and work to ensure that we achieve or ideally exceed our targets year after year.

Develop yourself – neither companies nor employees can afford to stand still. Progress and development are very important for an individual career. That is why we offer both career starters and long-serving employees from all business areas comprehensive further training opportunities that can be tailored individually.

At Westlake Vinnolit, we believe in personal and professional qualification through broad areas of responsibility and interdisciplinary work. Dynamic growth as well as structural changes bring numerous career opportunities. New areas of responsibility and challenges offer relevant options for professional development. Internal and external further education, coaching, training and cross-departmental networking offer you targeted support.

Here, too, we live our understanding of sustainability in that we are happy to develop and accompany you on your individual career path over the long term.

At Westlake Vinnolit, we rely on our globally standardized talent management process to identify talent at an early stage and to manage its development in a targeted manner.

It is important to us that you have enough time for your private life in addition to your work.

We support you individually with flexible working time models in order to find a solution that fits your current life situation together with you, specific to your workplace.

We want you to feel comfortable so that you can develop your full potential and make a full contribution.

For more encounters and exchanges: The office remains our work center. Depending on the position, we offer you the possibility of location-independent mobile working at Westlake Vinnolit Germany, so that you can reconcile your professional and private interests even better. Personal exchange is important to us, we would like to continue to support and promote personal encounters in the office.

Time for your loved ones – responsibility for your family. Even if you are passionate and enjoy your job, there may be situations where your family takes priority. Westlake Vinnolit understands these situations and will work with you to find a suitable solution that combines work and family.

Free time: At Westlake Vinnolit, we understand the many and varied wishes for flexible working hours. Among other things, we therefore offer flexible flextime models, compensatory time off, age time off or a long-term account.

The physical as well as mental health and safety of our employees is close to our hearts. We want our employees to live healthily, feel good and remain successful. In the area of health and safety at work, we therefore offer a wide range of programs, training and qualifications.

Exercise and fitness offerings: Employees can take advantage of a variety of sports and fitness offerings at Westlake Vinnolit – Such as “Fit on the Job” or sports and running groups, the option of a height-adjustable desk and other supports to promote a positive working atmosphere, as well as a subsidized fitness membership for employees and family members.

Mobile with the job bike – stay fit and protect the environment. Westlake Vinnolit offers you the opportunity to do so with the job bike – including an all-round service package for the greatest possible mobility enjoyment.

Clear vision in the office – Westlake Vinnolit offers you an employer subsidy for VDU glasses.

On-site company doctor: Our company doctors ensure reliable occupational medical care and implement preventive medical measures such as a flu vaccination free of charge for employees or eye examinations by a company doctor.

Westlake Vinnolit offers all employees and their families an employee counseling service from the Fürstenberg Institute, which they can use via hotline or e-mail. Here you can get help with problems in everyday life or on the job – no matter what is on your mind.

Providing for old age is an important concern for us. Particularly in view of the fact that the view of “retirement” today is changing more in the direction of an “active phase of life”. That is why we offer our employees at Westlake Vinnolit an employer-financed company pension plan – for a secure future. Because we want your commitment to Westlake Vinnolit to pay off not only in the here and now, but also in old age.

As an employee, you can choose between various options for company and private pension provision: for example, by building up an additional company pension through participation in gross salary conversion options or with the help of the promotion of long-term accounts through the contribution of an annual employer allowance in the tariff range.

We celebrate anniversaries and thank employees for their loyalty, faithfulness and years of commitment with a token of appreciation and a special payment.

Your ideas are heard. With our ideas management system, we want to offer our employees the opportunity to contribute ideas, have them reviewed and, if necessary, implemented.

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Make the most of the varied prospects that are open to you in your professional future with us. Here you will find a list of our current vacancies (in German language).

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Our daily actions derive from our mission and values. They determine how we look to the future, what drives us further and how we treat each other.

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