PVC to meet your requirements

Find the right product for any requirements. As a leader in technology specializing in PVC, we have many years of experience in the areas of production and product consultancy. Our research and development and expertise in application technology underpin a comprehensive portfolio and innovative, customized solutions.

PVC for paste processing

Our extensive range offers high-quality ®Vinnolit PVC products for paste processing methods including spread and dip coatings, spraying and moulding processes, rotary screen printing and rotary casting, with which products such as flexible floor coverings, wallpapers, tarpaulin fabrics, artificial leather and special automotive leatherette, automotive underbody protection as well as seam sealants, metal coatings, lid sealants, gloves and tool handles can be manufactured as examples.

Special requirements such as lowest indoor emissions, simple and efficient coating behavior, fast and energy-saving gelling, surface structuring or matting and outdoor stability are just a few examples that tailor-made Vinnolit products make possible.

PVC for thermoplastic processing

Our wide range offers high-quality ®Vinnolit PVC products for all standard compounding and processing procedures in the area of hard and soft extrusion, injection molding and calendaring. Typical applications include window profiles, films, pipes, plates, cables, hoses and injection molded items of all sorts. Our specially developed products are used to improve impact resistance, for matt coating or textured finishing of surfaces, to reduce or prevent plasticizer migration, as an anti-static agent or for greater heat resistance in flexible applications. They are also used to make vehicle starter batteries.

Vinnolit GreenVin®

We offer our entire product range also as climate-friendly GreenVin® products with a reduced carbon footprint. We use high-quality Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (GOs/HKNs) for our GreenVin® products. GreenVin® bio-attributed PVC is additionally manufactured based on renewable ethylene.

All PVC grades are also available as GreenVin® or GreenVin® bio-attributed products. GreenVin® PVC is technically identical to conventional PVC, performs just as well, and is also a more climate-friendly product that our customers can feel good about using.

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