Comprehensive portfolio and
innovative solutions

On the basis of our many years of experience and specially developed production processes, we are able to offer the right product for every customer requirement. At Westlake Vinnolit the customer is always at the heart of the way we think and act. We therefore have high demands not only of our product range and the quality of our products, but also of our service. Reliability and trust are the basis for the long-term partnerships that characterize our business.

PVC for all applications

Westlake Vinnolit offers a wide range of PVC products, which covers all standard PVC applications. Thanks to its high quality and versatility, PVC is the ideal material for numerous applications: floor coverings made of PVC are resilient, easy to clean and available in many designs, decorative vinyl wallpapers create atmosphere and modern PVC window profiles are ideal for energy-saving, aesthetic and sustainable construction. In the construction sector, PVC is also used for durable roofing membranes, pipes, cable insulation, tubes and seals as well as (facade) panels. In everyday life, this versatile material also accompanies us in the form of credit cards, durable artificial leather, water-repellent or protective clothing, tarpaulin coverings or many surfaces in the car interior of and exterior applications. Medical applications such as blood bags, medical tubes, examination gloves or pharmaceutical films are also gaining in importance.

Chlor-alkali products

Our wide product range also includes caustic soda, vinyl chloride and tin tetrachloride, which are required, among other things, for further processing in the chemical industry. Caustic soda is an important basic chemical and is used to make paper, glass and ceramics, aluminum, washing and cleaning detergents and viscose fiber, to name just a few examples. It is also used as a neutralization agent, precipitant, cleaning agent and food additive.

Vinnolit GreenVin®

We offer our entire product range also as climate-friendly GreenVin® products with a reduced carbon footprint. We use high-quality Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (GOs/HKNs) for our GreenVin® products. GreenVin® bio-attributed PVC is additionally manufactured based on renewable ethylene.

Technical service

All PVC processing procedures can be replicated in our application technology. Here we work continuously and in close collaboration with research and development and with customers to optimize processing and products and develop solutions for special customer requirements.


Research & development

We work on continuous development of our production technologies and develop the PVC raw materials for the markets and requirements of tomorrow. In doing so, we cooperate with customers and universities. Thus, for example, more than a third of the PVC products we currently sell for paste applications have only been developed and brought to market in the last ten years. On average, two new developments are added to this portfolio every year. We are therefore one of the most innovative companies in the PVC industry.

Quality and safety

Outstanding product quality and first-class service are our aim. Safety and protection of health and the environment are among the primary objectives of our business activities.

Product quality

Westlake Vinnolit has an integrated management system for quality, safety, environmental protection and energy management, which ensures transparent and continuous improvement of products and work processes in the company.


Westlake Vinnolit products and intermediate products are REACH-registered. You can find more information about the individual sales products here.

HS Codes

HS codes are used by customs to classify the shipped product. Here you can find a table of HS codes of our sales products PVC, caustic soda and tin tetrachloride.

General Terms and Conditions of Sale

All deliveries we make and services we perform as well as contracts entered into with us are subject exclusively to the terms and conditions of sale set out here.