Environmental Report 2018

As a company, we combine economic success with social and environmental responsibility: safety, health and environmental protection are among our foremost corporate objectives. We adhere to high safety and environmental standards, operate our production facilities efficiently and conserve resources and sell products in whose safety and environmental compatibility we firmly believe.

As an energy-intensive company, we focus in particular on improving energy efficiency. Vinnolit has made significant investments and achieved enormous success in this respect. Regular audits conducted by independent experts confirm our strict compliance with international management standards´ in the areas of quality, safety, the environment and energy.

Some sustainability challenges can only be effectively solved by the PVC or plastics industry as a whole. This is why we are actively involved in a variety of associations and initiatives and work together with other companies in the plastics industry, and in particular the PVC value chain, to achieve further improvements for the environment. Vinnolit is actively involved in VinylPlus, the voluntary commitment of the European PVC industry towards sustainable development, in EuroChlor´s sustainability program and the global Responsible Care initiative of the chemical industry. IThe industry has achieved tremendous success in recent years, especially in PVC recycling, the more sustainable use of PVC additives, and the conversion to the more environmentally-friendly membrane cell process for the production of chlorine and caustic soda.

The social hot topics Climate Neutrality and Circular Economy pose gre­at challenges for the plastics industry, to which we as a company must find answers in the future.

The Environmental Report 2018 illustrates the company’s objectives, measures and achievements in environmental protection in 2018.