Honored for safety: Vinnolit sites Burghausen, Gendorf, Knapsack, Cologne and Schkopau receive Westlake Safety Awards

The safety of people and the environment, and the safe operation of the production facilities are top priorities for Vinnolit. For 2016, Westlake Chemical awarded the Vinnolit sites Burghausen, Gendorf, Knapsack, Cologne and Schkopau with its annual “President’s Award” and the “Safety Excellence Award”.
To receive one of these Westlake Safety Awards, a site cannot incur a safety incident throughout the year.

“Westlake is regularly placed in the top 25 percent of American chemical companies for its safety record, and we are honored to receive these awards,” says Vinnolit Managing Director Dr. Karl-Martin Schellerer. “We owe this success to our employees who have a high level of safety awareness.”

On behalf of the Westlake management, Dr. Schellerer together with Operations Director Dr. Thomas Karcher and the Chairman of the Vinnolit General Works Council, Heinz Coltro presented the official certificates to the representatives of the awarded production sites. The ceremony took place at the works meeting in Knapsack on 15 March 2017. “The awards show the vigilance with which our colleagues are doing their job and that safety is always a top priority,” Coltro said in his speech.

Dr. Karcher, in charge of production, technology and safety at Vinnolit, congratulated the award winners warmly. “This success motivates us to become even better in the future. Our new safety program “STOPTM” will be another important step in this direction”, said Dr. Karcher. “We will always aim to avoid any accident.”

Happy about the awards (l. to r.): Dr. Karl-Martin Schellerer (Mananging Director Vinnolit), Jürgen Eichler (Head of Production Monomer Knapsack), Ulrich Woike (Head of Production PVC Burghausen/Hillhouse), Andrea Müller (Head of Production PVC Gendorf/Schkopau), Andrea Spahn (Chairman of the works council Cologne), Heinz Coltro (Chairman of the general works council Vinnolit), Dr. Vincent van Buren (Head of Production PVC Cologne/Knapsack), Dr. Guy Gansfort (HR&L Director) and Dr. Thomas Karcher (Operations Director).

(Photo: Klaus Bochem)

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