We have compiled and answered the most important questions relating to our training courses for you here.

Vinnolit PVC is used for further processing in numerous industries and is in high demand. That will remain the case in the future and will also make our jobs safe in the future.

The key to your decision should be your personal interests and strengths. The training pathways differ both in content and activities. If you have a passion for technology, a training course as an industrial mechanic would be the right choice for you. If you are interested in technical, mathematical and physical relationships and are not scared of chemistry, you are in a good position to apply for a training course as a chemical technician. It is advisable to read all five training profiles carefully and decide which one suits you best.

Certainly. It’s best to contact us directly about this. We can then answer your specific questions in person.

No, an internship is not a prerequisite to gain a training place with us.

Your grade average is not so important to us. Your achievements in the natural science subjects relevant to us and your interest and understanding of technology and chemistry are much more important to us.

No, that’s not essential. Simply attach your last two school reports to your application. You can then submit your leaving certificate at a later date.

You will find the relevant contact here.

Our training courses begin on September 1 every year.

There are no application deadlines for our sites in Cologne and Knapsack. Nevertheless, the rule of thumb is: the earlier the better. For a course in Burghausen or Gendorf, please apply by November 30 of the previous year.

That depends on the pathway you choose. Teaching is usually organized in blocks – three blocks a year of five weeks of college each.

Very good. We usually offer our trainees a permanent job at Vinnolit once they have successfully completed their training.

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Application tips

Here you will find some helpful tips for making a successful application.


Here you will find some helpful tips for making a successful application.